Zheng law: 8 setbacks achievements "Tianshun" "sky hair"

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Zheng law: 8 setbacks achievements "Tianshun" "sky hair"

Although he was a young man, Zheng Huifa's experience was rather rich. From the age of 17, he went to Guangdong to break into the world. He had done all kinds of business, experienced the joy of success, and also suffered the bitterness of failure.
      Since 2000, he has plunged into the food machinery industry. After more than a decade of development, Quanzhou Tianfa Food Machinery Co., Ltd. (Tianshun) has owned 70 million yuan of fixed assets and annual production With the capability of 3000 sets / sets, it becomes a large-scale food machinery enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and sales, and is famous in the industry.
      In other people's opinion, this process is smooth, in fact, the ups and downs of which only Zheng Huifa most understand. Some people say he has rich experience in business, but in his own words: "All my experience is tempered from experience."
1, first entered the commercial sea, hundreds of thousands of families lost a fine
      In 1996, Zheng Huifa, who graduated from junior high school, took more than 100,000 yuan from his parents and started his business in Guangdong.
      Just started doing business, Zheng law will know nothing of many things, nor carefully planned. He first sold a paragraph of slippers, and soon turned to mechanical and electrical sales of a Zhejiang enterprise pumps, blowers and other mechanical and electrical equipment.
      Start business is not bad, but once a problem because of product quality, so just a lawsuit business Zheng law "smashed pot."
At that time, a customer bought 10 pumps at a time, which is a rare big client to Zheng Fa. However, not long after the product was sold, the customer reported a quality problem and asked for a return. The manufacturer contacted Zheng, but the manufacturer did not care. Helplessness, Zheng law only bear their own losses, which he just started the road of distribution is undoubtedly a fatal blow.
      Subsequently, Zheng Huifa consignment to a business Soymilk, consignment does not like their own distribution, there is no autonomy, manufacturers want to charge you part of the money, but also much lower profits. Even more headache is Zheng law is: from another nearby dealer's competitive pressure, they are locals, the house is their own, no rent, so they put the machine prices are very low, earn 5 dollars each, but Zheng law For example, such a price can not pay the rent. Soon afterwards, Zheng Hui Fa's attempt to do business again failed.
      More than a year later, Zheng Huifa brought hundreds of thousands of Guangdong to lose money. His father called him back to Quanzhou, really not in Quanzhou to help him open a local store, slowly doing a look.
2, consignment food machinery strive to earn 33 yuan a day
      Zheng Fa's parents before the distribution of machinery, monasteries, he is still relatively OK.
      In the second half of 1997, Zheng Hui Fa returned to Quanzhou, opened a store with the help of his parents and still sells a variety of small food machinery. "At that time, there was not too much demand. The rent per month was 1,000, and the goal set for myself was to earn 33 bucks a day, basically without any compensation."
      Engage in the distribution will inevitably encounter debts, go out to become accounts Zheng law commonplace. Once a client owed more than 2,000 dollars, Zheng law to go to the account when the other party said no money, to offset the two machines, Zheng Fa also did not want to agree.
      Zheng law does not know the price of these two machines Quotes, returned to Quanzhou, priced at more than 1,000 yuan for each sale, I thought as long as it can make up more than 2000 yuan arrears on it.
      But to his surprise, the two machines sold quickly, and the customer did not ask for the price after asking for it, paying for it. Zheng law will feel very strange, went to several mechanical stores in Quanzhou turned, the original price of this machine are not the subject of more than 1,900 yuan.
      Zheng felt that this was a good business opportunity, so he contacted the manufacturer of the machine according to the information on the nameplate of the machine, and he wanted to represent the machine. "Others sell 1900 yuan, I sell 1300 yuan." Zheng law told reporters that the principle of small profits but quick turnover to make his machinery sales business better and better.
      However, when Zheng Huifa's business was booming, product sales have suddenly dropped, he found that many customers would rather buy 1900 yuan machine, do not want to buy his 1300 yuan, because they have no equipment after-sales service, Can not give customer service.
      Found this fatal flaw, the first half of 1998, Zheng Huifa and his cousin to repair a partnership, opened a maintenance department, responsible for product sales and maintenance. In the second half of 1998, on the basis of the maintenance department, Zheng Fafa set up his first factory. Although the main business of the factory was machinery maintenance, some machinery and equipment were produced on an occasional imitation basis. To enter the food machinery industry, Zheng law think, starting from the factory, "I really started a business."
3, the first year the factory flooded, the heart of suicide have
      The plant of Zheng Hui Fa began to gradually get back on track. By 2000, when he named his company "Tianshun," he hoped that the future development would be smooth and smooth. However, it was unforeseen.
      May 9, 2000, Zheng Fa received a relatively large orders, if the business can be successfully completed, the development of enterprises can go to a new level, so he did very seriously. At that time, the contract was delivered a month later. Zheng Fa-law led the workers to work overtime and finally the machine was produced on schedule. But just two days before delivery, a nearby reservoir collapses, flooding the factory with all the equipment being soaked in the water.
     "The motor was soaked in water that it was broken." Zheng Huifa said that repairing a damaged machine cost a lot of money and can not be delivered on the contract date, but it also has to pay liquidated damages. By the end of the contract, Not only did not make a point, but also lost a lot of money.
     "At that time, I had the heart of suicide." Zheng Huifa said that when it was not long before the food machinery was started, this sudden attack made him almost unacceptable. He had an annual sales of more than 300,000 yuan and a net profit of 60,000 to 70,000 yuan, However, this single business a pay, to the end of the settlement found that a penny did not make a year of hard work.
      This was the first major setback suffered by Zheng Hui Fa. Since then, God still has not given him any blessing. Zheng Hui and his "Tianshun" have experienced seven major setbacks, but Zheng Huifa has survived, It is a tempered, it is a "nirvana" process.
      Today's Tianshun plant is located in the outskirts of Quanzhou, Qingyuan the foot of the mountain, is the fourth place for Zheng Hui. Qingyuan Mountain is a famous scenic spot, one of the 18 scenic spots of Quanzhou. Zheng Hui Fa said with a smile: "This place is very good in geomancy, at least with high potential. The factory will not be flooded anymore."
4, technology comes first, become the secret of enterprise development
      In Fujian, the enterprises that produce hotpot are very concentrated, and their demand for such equipment as meat slicer and beater is very large. Zheng Hui Fa also started from these devices and officially started the research and development and production of food machinery.
      In 1999, Zheng Huifa with a few workers, developed and produced the first meat slicer, and achieved good results.
      Soon after, another client came in and said he was ready to open a small factory to produce meatballs and want to buy a beater. However, Zheng existing law beaters are small beaters, one can only play a few kilos, and the customer wants to be able to play a 50 kg at a time.
      No, do it yourself, but in fact, Zheng Fa found far less than imagined so simple. Although the last few twists and turns, customers need the equipment produced, but it also allows Zheng Hui Fa profound understanding of the importance of technical staff.
      The idea of ​​hiring technicians has been lingering around Zheng Fa Fa until 2002, when his aspirations finally came to fruition and successfully hired a senior engineer from Taiwan who said he was his "benefactor." The arrival of this engineer, so Zheng law of equipment research and development has made huge improvements. Beater technology has been constantly updated, the current model introduced, each can play up to 400 kg, Tianshun became the fist products.
      In addition, it has successively launched dozens of kinds of food machinery series such as planing meat machine, chopper mixer, fish ball molding machine and heart-packing machine, etc. It can undertake the design and production of all kinds of meat products and fish products complete sets of equipment with an annual production capacity of 2,500 units / set.
5, "three years later, I want to set off Frankfurt"
      Until now, Zheng Fafa felt that he had too little education and all the experience was tempered from his experience. Therefore, the emphasis on technical staff has become Tianshun consistent tradition, Tianshun now has more than 150 employees, of whom 10 were senior technical staff, senior staff of 8.
      In May of this year, Zheng Huifa went to Frankfurt to attend the three-year German International Meat Industry Exhibition. In contrast, he felt the gap between domestic enterprises and foreign countries and understood his position.
      "Take control of machinery and equipment, the foreign are generally touch screen, fully automated, the middle of the basic does not require any artificial." Zheng law that foreign high-tech food machinery, high value-added domestic enterprises are unmatched in the Abroad, a "small workshop" enterprise with a dozen or more individuals will have an annual output value of tens of millions or even billions of dollars. "Our enterprises all have one or two hundred employees, and the output value is still high."
      After coming back from Germany, Zheng Huifa set himself a goal in his heart: after three years, he must bring his self-developed products to Frankfurt.
      The most important thing is to do a device out of new products, the most important thing is to rely on new technology, for this point, Zheng Huifa better than anyone else, so he has now started hiring senior engineer, and bring information from abroad to the technical staff to study Learn. Recently, Zheng Fa also disclosed to reporters that he was prepared to split the shares of Tianshun to rich technical experience of R & D personnel, so that they technology shares, in order to attract more talent.
      "Planted Plane tree, attracted golden Phoenix." Zheng Huifa said that at present Tianshun is in a period of rapid development, the annual output has doubled in growth, he believes that the enormous space for enterprise development to attract a large number of technical personnel, it can also promote Tianshun Grow more steadily.