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Fish Finger Machine

Technical Parameters of Fish Finger Machine
Model YR-300
Power 0.75KW
Capacity 300-600pcs/min
Material All stainless steel
Lead Time 25-45 days
Weighty 150KG
Packing Polywood case or polyfilm
Overall Dimension 700*500*1500 (mm)

Sausage Cutter

Technical Parameters of multiuse Sausage Cutter
Model SL18
Power 0.25KW
Capacity 300PCS/MIN
Weighty 160 KG
Overall Dimension 1500*700*1000(mm)

Vacuum Stuffer

Technical Parameters of vacuum sausage making machine
Model ZG3500
Power 7.0KW
Capacity 3500KG/H
Weighty 1175KG
Overall Dimension 1130*1150*1850(mm)
MOQ 1 set

Food Forming Machine BX-280

Technical Parameters of Multi-use Food Forming Machine
Model BX-280
Power 2.2KW
Capacity 280pcs/Min
Weighty 310KG
MOQ 1 set
Loading Port FOB, Xiamen, China
Overall Dimension 1700*900*1280(mm)

Screw Feeder

Technical Parameters of Screw Pump feeding machine
Model BP-1200#
Power 3.7KW
Capacity 1500kg/H
Weighty 180kg
Overall Dimension 690*760*1480(mm)

Multifunctional Fish Ball former

Technical Parameters of Multifunctional Fishball Forming Machine
Model XP-400
Material All stainless steel
Power 1.1KW
Capacity 300-500KG/H
Weighty 100KG
Overall Dimension 500*580*1660(mm)

Paste Feeding Machine BP-680

Technical Parameters of Paste Feeding Machine
Model BP-680
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 200kg/H
Weighty 200kg
Overall Dimension 640*610*1700(mm)