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Meatball Forming Machine

Meatball forming machine is the equipment which imitate handmade spoon forming completely, the ball it forming with good elasticity, good roundness, smooth appreance and it would also delaminate, the feature is significant especially on the pork ball and beef ball. These food touch part use stainless steel, with double speed regulation motor, makes it with higher feature and reliability.

Fish Ball Machine

Fish ball making machine used to process fish ball, chicken ball, pork meatball and so on. There are different size mould to process different size fish ball. The ball it process is round and with good surface.

Vane Pump Feeding Machine

Technical Parameters of Vane Pump feeding machine
Model YP-680
Power 2.05KW
Capacity 1500kg/H
Weighty 200kg
Overall Dimension 640*610*1700(mm)

Magic Bom Cutting Machine

Technical Parameters of Magic Bom Cutting Machine
Model YHC800
Material All stainess steel
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 800PCS/MIN
Weighty 350KG
Overall Dimension 1300*1130*1340(mm)

Pork Dumpling Machine

Technical Parameters of Dumpling Making Machine
Model YJ-320
Power 0.32KW
Capacity 320pcs/Min
Weighty 200KG
Overall Dimension 1930*730*1640(mm)

Fish Ball Machine

Technical Parameters of Fish Ball Making Machine
Model YW500A(with inverter) YW500 (without inverter)
Power 1.5KW 1.5KW
Capacity 500pcs/min 500pcs/min
Weighty 200KG 190KG
Material All stinless steel All stinless steel
Export Port FOB Xiamen, China FOB Xiamen, China
Overall Dimension 1000*400*1790(mm)

Double Hopper Pump Feeding Machine

Technical Parameters of Double Hopper Pump Feeding Machine
Model WZ-SLB-1000
Power 6KW
Capacity 2500kg/H
Weighty 500kg
Overall Dimension 1100*860*1662(mm)

Fish Ball Forming Machine

Technical Parameters of Cartoon Fish ball Making Machine
Model KT-300
Power 0.75KW
Capacity 200pcs/min
Weighty 150KG
Material All stainless steel
Overall Dimension 800*450*960 (mm)