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Vacuum Meat Mixer

Vacuum meat mixer is suitable for large-scale food processing enterprises, especially for the repreparation of quick-frozen industry, aquaculture industry and aquatic product processing. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, low noise, safe use, high production efficiency, low failure rate, easy operation, complete functions, high processing accuracy, excellent performance and other advantages.

Bowl Cutter

Bowl Cutter owns the fuction of high blade and line speed, big capacity , good cutting and blending, material processing widely, etc. It adopts advanced control technic , safe and reliable, perfect display and control function, higher Insulation level, good load protection. Good quality of blade bearing, seal, electronic system and other parts improve function and extend lifetime. Key parts processed by digital control machine, it keep the process accuracy of machine.

Meat Beating Machine with Lifter

Meat Beating Machine is suitable for massive production of food factory,blades turns by hydraulic elevating. Material container could turn, it is easy for fetch material and clean. The automatic meat beating machine operates easily, electricity-saving and low noise. Double layer of container could prevent the material from heating, it works fine.

Fresh Meat Slicer

Technical Parameters of Fresh Meat Slicer
Model JR-210
Power 7.5KW
Capacity 3000KG/H
Weighty 750KG
Overall Dimension 2000x800x1200(mm)

Frozen Meat Cutter

Frozen meat cutter is one of the powerful meat cutting equipment. It is not only suitable for all kinds of meat, bone, frozen meat, and frozen surimi. The overall structure is made of 304 stainless steel, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large Square, safe operation, simple, easy to disassemble and clean, long service life, which is welcomed by the majority of customers.

Meat Grinder

Frozen meat grinder has different capacity to meet customer needed.