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Frying Machine

Advanced oil&water technology with scientific configuration and control system, automatic filtration, frying clean and make the fried food stable, and apperance, taste and smell keep same. Heating from external part of oil, accurate tempetature control, could relieve oxidation of oil effective, prevent the increase of acid medium.


The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Belt width is 400MM. The distance between is adjustable.

Steaming Line

Technical Parameters of steaming conveyor
Model ZX-21#
Power 2.8KW
Capacity 800-1000KG/H
Weighty 1500KG
Loading Port FOB Xiamen, China
Overall Dimension 21000*1450*2100(mm)

Steaming Cabinet

Steaming cabinet can steam rice, pasta and all kinds of dishes by using steam; It is suitable for standardized and quantitative production in central kitchen, etc.


Technical Parameters of Fryer
Model YZG-350#
Power 54KW
Capacity 20KG/Time
Weighty 250KG
Material All stainless steel
Pakcing Polywood case/Polyfilm
Overall Dimension 1240*1000*930(mm)

Water Cooling Machine

Technical Parameters of Water Cooling Machine
Model SLC-4500
Material Stainless Steel
Power 2.0KW
Capacity 1000KG/Time
Weighty 300KG
MOQ 1 set
Overall Dimension 4500*1100*1650(mm)


Technical Parameters of Food Hoister
Model TS-2000
Material All stainless steel
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 200KG/Time
MOQ 1 set
Weighty 300KG
Overall Dimension 1290*640*2450(mm)

Meatball Processing Line

Technical Parameters of fish ball cooking line
Model SZX13000
Power 5.4KW
Capacity 800-1000KG/H
Weighty 1600kg
Material Food Grade Stainless steel
Overall Dimension 13700*400*1750(mm)

Meatball Blanching Machine

Technical Parameters of Meatballl Blacnching Machine

Model JYC-2000
Power 4.5KW
Capacity 200KG/H
Weighty 100kg
Overall Dimension 2197*682*750(mm)