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Vacuum Stuffer

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Vacuum Stuffer

Technical Parameters of vacuum sausage making machine
Model ZG3500
Power 7.0KW
Capacity 3500KG/H
Weighty 1175KG
Overall Dimension 1130*1150*1850(mm)
MOQ 1 set

Vacuum Sausage Making Machine

The machine is drived by servo motor, high accuracy location. Adopts the human-computer interface operation, operate easily. With the vacuum system, it could make sure filling under vacuum. The human-computer interface system, servo motor and PLC control system is all made from imported accessory. It is filled by the way of vane(also known as scraper), automatic quantifying.It could also connected with double card machine, and form the fill and punching card automatic production line. Filling under vacuum guarantee the validity, color, taste and smell of food. The bump, blade, vane of machine adopts heat treatment technology, smooth finish, good abrasion-resistance, and clean easily. The machine own feature of automatic twisting, it is suitable for natural casing, collagen casing and smoke casing products. The error of minced food is within range of ±1.5g,error of massive food is within range of ±3g, the quantify rang is from 5g to 9999g.It could filled 3500kg per hour, twisting speed of smoked membrane is 280/min. It could connected with different kind of punch-card machine, and finish automatic-production.

1. Application voltage environment should be given when making order, so as to choose the proper electric motor.
2. The warranty time for our vacuum sausage making machine is 1 year, excluding belt. We offer charged maintenance services when warranty time is over.
3. Always wearing noise reduction earplug and hygienic uniform. Non-trained personnel are forbidden for machine operation.