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Meat Beating Machine

Meat Beating Machine

Technical Parameters of Meat Beating Machine
Model DJ-50 DJ-100 DJ-150 DJ-200
Material All stainless steel
Lead time 15-25 days
Power 11KW 18.5KW 22KW 22KW
Capacity 50kg/time 100kg/time 150kg/time 200kg/time
Weighty 720kg 1000kg 1300kg 1400kg
Overall Dimension 1420*734*1500(mm) 1800*950*1950(mm) 1788*920*1910(mm) 1788*950*1910(mm)

Meat Beating Machine


Meat beating machine is suitable for food factory production. The machine adopts frequency conversion speed control technology, so that its various indicators are obviously better than the traditional mixer, it produces paste with good uniformity, and it works more stably, low noise, and more reliable, at the same time does not lose the original color, fragrance, taste because of long mixing time, so that the paste can be fresh. And the barrel can be turned over manually, which is easy to operate and can save time and electricity. This kind of meat mixing machine It is suitable for all kinds of meat pulp mixing, stirring and patting, so that the pulp and auxiliary materials are fully stirred and meat fibrin refining.


Pre-sales: Based on customer’s requirement: capacity, local voltage, workshop, our engineer design and make the equipment list for customer. We will design the production process including all details such as water supply, electricity source,  steam and so on for customers. All material is SUS304 and in best quality. Before delivery, the final customer can come to test.

Sales:  All machines are manufactured based on the contract and drawing. After receiving all payment, we will arrange to make delivery in shortest time. All machines for exporting are packed in wood package. We will send installing instruction together with machines.

After-sales service: After machines reach buyer’s workshop, we will arrange the engineers to install.  We will supply whole-life service. The  quality guarantee is one year.